Agile Tap

Agile Tap just released.  If the links below don’t work try later, the respected stores are still updating.


Test your mind and reflex. See how fast you can tap the right color.

Its a very simple game, the name of color appears in the grey box and you touch that color. You get points for getting it right and lose points for getting it wrong. Its completely random so there is no pattern to memorize, a color may show up multiple times though or only once. You have 30 seconds to get the highest score you can.

Agile Tap even has leaderboards so you can compare how fast your hand eye coordination is compared to your friends or others that have played Agile Tap.


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News and Death Ball 1.6.5

I been a bit quiet lately that’s because  I been working on a new game, and bringing Death Ball to iOS.  The new game still has a ways to go for what I intend which I will be bring to both iOS and android at the same time.  I will be making some screen shots and posting some details on it later.

Death Ball 1.6.5 was just submitted to iOS which assuming I done everything correctly it will get approved in a week or so.  The iOS version features the ability to remove ads, which unfortunately I can’t do for the android version at this time due to the way they handle sales tax.  You will be able to remove ads for $0.99.


Death Ball 1.6.5

  • fixes tutorial

Little bug in my games

If you had noticed an in-app purchase permission which I just did on my games that’s an error on my side.  There isn’t even code in my games for in-app purchases (IAP) so it didn’t actually do anything.

So what happened, well I am using a plugin that helps me do the ads in the games, it also does billing, leader boards and other Google service related things.  I didn’t think about it asking permission for IAP in the manifest.  I’m currently updating the games which should remove it from asking for this permission as they don’t need it.  Sorry if this concerned you.